Fun with Customers

I have worked in the sales and service industry off and for my entire adult life. From cosmetics and fashion, to home goods, to decorating consulting (I know what you’re thinking!  See “How’d a Nice Girl Like You End Up in a Blog Like This?” for that story!) add hyperlink

Being in the service industry has always had its moments, good and not so good. However when it is good it can be really really great! Not in the monumental ways, but in those little ways that create connections and build camaraderie.

Today was just such a day. I was entering invoices and payments and ran across a check with the business name Massive Dynamic Enterprises and I just stared at the check. I started chuckling and then I decided I just had to call. You see, I am a HUGE “Fringe” fan. I came to the series after it ended, but, as it turns out, right as it was being offered on Netflix Instant Streaming. I gulped it down. It was fabulous and a little cheesy, ok, sometimes it was a LOT cheesy, and full of warmth and good will. I loveLoveLOVED Walter! And who knew Pacey would grow up to be Peter? Massive Dynamic is the mysterious, don’t-know-if-it’s-good-or-evil tech empire (I am hoping all these oblique references will encourage you to go watch it if you haven’t!)

ANYHOO…I got the voice mail when I called and left a message including the question about “Fringe.” I heard back from Jim (great guy!) right away. Yes indeedy, I had found a Fringe friend. I loved what he told me. He was naming his company and searched around on the net and no one, no one, had used that name for a real world business, and he thought matter-of-factly “I just have to do it!”  It is a fabulously grandiose name and of course it would be ridiculous for any company to really think of themselves as both massive and dynamic, but as homage to a favorite show it is perfect!

And therein lays the fun. I got to be part of this adorable and witty inside joke. And now I get to share it with you!